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Laptop Screen Repairs

Got a cracked LCD Screen in your laptop?
Screen does not light up? Just Blackness?

Most likely your screen or the inverter needs to be replaced.
(Screens with visible cracks will definitely need replacing)

Bring the laptop to us, and we can check the screen.

Want a quote for a new screen?
Email us your laptop make and model number,
and we will send you a quote for the screen and the fitting.*
We can also provide a quote for the inverter if required.*

Bought a new screen, but need it fitted?
No Problem!
You bring us the new screen and the laptop and we will fit it for you.
Fitting cost for a straight forward removal and refitting is £40.

* Due to the unique nature of each screen and inverter, parts must be paid for
before we will order them in. Screens usually come into stock in 2 - 3 working days.
Fitting charge for the screen is payable upon completion.
We now accept
Debit & Credit Card
payments via our new
Mobile Chip and Pin